Top Fashion Moments of 2015

I picked my top six moments in fashion of 2016 and here are the results. Take a peek and see what it has in store..

  1. Come Fly With Me
    Has Chanel ever disappointed, probably not but this year seemed to be the basis of Karls vision of Chanel and the fashion business. That airport runway was something else, a chaotic beauty which reminisces plaid, tweed and all things beautiful. I personally can’t get enough of the short bobbed haircut which screamed futuristic and minimal. Wait will Chanel have in store for us next year, I have no idea, but I’m not sure if it can beat this year.

2. Chinese Whispers: Tales of the East in Art, Film and Fashion
The theme for the MET GALA this year was Chinese Whispers, and rihanna.jpgdid they deliver – yes they did. From that Beyonce see-through dress and Kim Kardashians Cher inspired look – there was certainly one person who stole the red carpet. Rihanna made a grand statement wearing that Chinese Couture gown that soon become a meme across the internet. The stunning volumes gown took years to make by Beijing designer Guo Pei. But the rest of the internet went wild, with memes of an omelette, scrambled eggs and pizzas, did we care – no.

3. Raf Simons Stepped Down At Dior
After three short but successful years at Dior, Raf decided it was time to move on from the fast-paced timespan of a couture designer. The business was ultimately distraught and so were all bloggers, the designer changed Dior back to its beginnings but gave it that twist that made it oh-so beautiful. We will miss you Raf, but we are sure you will arrive somewhere which will be equally as beautiful and successful.

4. Gender Bending at Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent has always been my favourite Parisian High designer, the influence that Hedi puts into the designs and the way music is genderalways apparent brings across so many pieces of the puzzle together for me. But this year the focus of 70’s brought across beauty in so many forms. Gender bending seemed to be the ‘trend’ this year, if that is correct to say? But it rocked with the glitter mini-dress on the Saint Laurent catwalk.

5. Ready to Wear: Shrimps
Shrimps, Shrimps, Shrimps. I cannot get enough of this brand and its fluff. Nothing is as beautiful as a yellow and blue pea fluff coat. All coats were stunning in the collection and preached the dreams of a young child, matching bags with goggly eyes – yes please! Shrimps are going to go so far and we can’t wait to one day maybe be able to wear the clothes.

6. Ready to Wear: Molly Goddard
Talk about Shrimps, move over fluff, and we talk about beautiful pastel colours – chiffon mountains and plaid. The British designer has been moving up the ladder this year and has moved from her friends modelling clothes in a church, to a toaster factory with real-models and gelled back hair. Everything was perfect.

Other fashion moments were:


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