Is The High Street Becoming Too Pricey?

After the release of H&M X BALMAIN and the Christmas season coming to it’s main hold, it’s hard to see the high-street as somewhere that is now for the majority who want to shop. The basic bejewelled christmas outfit has now become something of celebrity price proportions and it’s hard to understand who the high-street are now targeting.

With the excessively priced Balmain prices from H&M hitting the shelfs, and the average high-street shopper in Paris to Seoul camping out in the street for the pined for dress. Has the high-street began to focus more on the richer shopper than the average high-street shopper that many chains were creating for.

It isn’t just the shops that are to blame, have we become way too materialistic? When a Balmain dress (priced down for the high-street) is selling for £400 in the shop and has now become a holy grail for all fashionistas. Have we all become engulfed by the fashion trends, the dress is now selling for four figures on Ebay.

It isn’t just H&M that is pushing the hyperinflation of all fashion out there. Reiss are selling a Clemi ivory shearling coat – fulling lined with a sued trim and imitating a Louis Vuitton line, this will set you back £1,295. Or at the ultimate “high-street” shop, Topshop, the Brunswick black velvet party dress (a must apparently for the season) is £895, and has already sold out in a size 10.

But I can’t help to think that are we dressing for the fashion. Are we buying that Balmain dress because we need it, and it is a fashion statement. Or are we buying that Balmain dress because we might look more like a Kardashain/Jenner? The question is, is this an issue of high-street fashion, or is it a pop-culture issue. Did we really know who Olivier Rousteing was before the Kardashian Klan sunk their polished fingernails in his fashion?

“This isn’t just selling the Kardashian’s clothes. We’ve seen there is limited value in that type of endorsement, because, quite frankly, most people won’t look like Kim Kardashian in the clothes. But this kind of marketing drive is actually creating a virtualized Kardashian experience for customers.” New York based retail analyst Claire Demot told PYMNTS.
It’s apparent that the the high-street fashion is in it’s ‘Golden Age’, you cannot walk down a street without a Topshop, Miss Selfridge, H&M, Forever 21 etc. but is it time that they began to sink back to what they started as – a shop for the general public?


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